Lyreco completes 2017 supplier assessment

Lyreco has presented the results of its latest supplier performance assessment. It’s the conclusion of an ambitious process applied to all group partners with the goal of meeting high standards and ensuring constant improvement.

The Lyreco Group’s 2017 assessment is marked by an ever-more rigorous methodology, as well as by the introduction of two new complementary criteria in addition to logistics, marketing and category management. The group has widened its scoring to include competitiveness and sustainability performance. The first is based on a supplier’s ability to offer the best commercial conditions with the same quality, and the second on the provider’s position on CSR strategy, organisation and practices.

Beyond the announcement of the winners, this evaluation shows a strong desire for follow-up and support that the group wishes to offer its partners, and is part of the company’s development tools. Following the presentation of an individual score sheet to each of its 97 suppliers, Lyreco expects in return an analysis and an action plan to improve performance in 2018. This process is proven to be effective, as the 2017 results demonstrate a clear progression when compared to 2016.

Franck Suhit, Lyreco’s group marketing director, said: “It is well understood that Lyreco is committed to a transformation programme that will better prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow’s economy. We are also looking to constantly improve ourselves to better meet our clients’ expectations, and in this context we expect the same commitment from our suppliers.

This evaluation is a joint working tool that allows us to move towards a common goal, in a concrete and real way.”

Best supplier 2017, ‘[email protected]’ category: Greenspeed

Best supplier 2017, ‘Office’ category: CEP

Best supplier 2017, ‘Industrial’ category: Tesa

Best supplier 2017, ‘Tech and Print’ category: Energizer

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