NEC releases 'box set' of 50 informative videos via Nimans

NEC has created a series of intuitive videos to propel the appeal of its latest communication platform, the SL2100, which is based on ‘pain free’ reseller adoption. The concept has been called ‘built-in brilliance’, thanks to its array of embedded applications; the SL2100 benefits from easy installation and deployment without the need for training. The solution is available via Nimans.
The SL2100 gives resellers a compelling reason to sell hardware-based technology as part of NEC’s strategic evolution and business transformation. NEC is producing a complete ‘box set’ of around 50 videos to aid installation and boost reseller knowledge.

John McKindland, head of solutions at Nimans, said: “This is the first time NEC has done anything on this scale. The videos range from two minutes to 20 minutes and are both engaging and informative. They reinforce why there’s never been an easier time to onboard as an NEC reseller or install the SL2100 which is an easy system anyway.

Often the training element of taking on board a new system can be the greatest obstacle in terms of time, effort, and investment. But NEC supported by Nimans is taking reseller pain away. They [the videos] are subdivided into individual playlists so are easy for resellers to navigate and quickly fine. They are designed as excellence reference material to support the SL2100 quick install guide.”

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