Nemo & Office Club launch member portal app

With offices opening, businesses starting to sense a return to normality and dealers starting to be more mobile visiting customers, Nemo & Office Club have seized the opportunity to uniquely develop a new App which will enable members to access all their vital web portal information on their mobile devices in a move that sees them recognising the changing requirements of a new generation of dealer

Groups MD, Tim Beaumont announced: “We are very proud of our The Hive Members Portal which members can access securely through their own unique username and password providing them with details of all of our 100+ vendor contacts and service arrangements, marketing tools, promotions, hints, tips and regular news update. It was one of the things that the Office Club team and members were extremely impressed with when we came together, and we have developed it further over the past two years.”

However, acknowledging that not all members are sat in front of their monitor all day long and often need instant access to the information, the groups have acted swiftly to work with a digital intranet company to enable members to get all the information they need from an App available from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

“This is a fantastic development – We want our members to have the information at their fingertips at all times,” continued Beaumont. “The team at Nemo Office Club are regularly updating The Hive with new supplier vendors, updated pricing and promotions – It is important that we enable members to use that information to support their business and improve their profitability. The App now means that wherever they are, whenever they need it, information is instantly accessible.”

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