New Bi-silque brand to be unveiled at Orgatec

ARCHYI. the new brand by Bi-silque, is going to be on display at Orgatec 2018, 23 to 27 October, among intelligently-designed solutions for the new culture of work.

Inspired by nature and moved by passion, ARCHYI. brand is, as stated by its manager Cátia Ramos, “committed to inspire people to be more collaborative, connected and creative in their workplace, so, presenting new solutions for the new visions of work that this trade show unveils biannually is only a natural step in the brand’s evolution.”

This year, the brand wants to run the extra mile and reach out to the modern workers, asking them to share their own workplace inspirations. Surprises and extra pleasantries will also be expected.

Star icon products like PICO, DOURO, SCULPO, plus recently-launched solutions like CURVO and OSB will be among the highlights, showcasing how communication elements can help to inspire collaborative and creative work cultures. The ARCHYI. team hopes that the design elements, stand décor and social media campaign #WhatInspiresYou launched at the event will also be a success with guests.

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