New opportunities for Nemo members

Nemo has been paying close attention to the industry and, inspired by past Nemo events around ‘how to compete against Amazon’, has created extra revenue streams away from selling product only. As a result, the group has created a host of services designed to generate more income for their members.

Services include MPS, cleaning contracts, leasing, energy, telephony, fit-outs, waste management, print, distribution, shredding, educational systems and more. There is also an innovative online portal for members to sell on a business policy service to their customers.

Tim Beaumont, MD of Nemo was pleased with the reaction from members to the growing service model, saying: “What makes Nemo strong is the co-operative model. We have spoken to our dealers and listened to their needs.

However, we are also here to advise them, and that is exactly what we have done by creating an ever-increasing set of income generating services, that help to make members relationships with their customer more ‘sticky’.

The dealer reaction to selling services and not just product has been great, and it fills us with confidence that our members and the group will strengthen as more and more members proactively seek other ways to generate profit.”

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