Office Power develops bespoke dealer catalogue for 2019

Office Power has produced its first ever catalogue, which is available exclusively to its dealer partners.

The catalogue is one element of the wider, multi-channel offering available to the company’s partners. By incorporating a variety of channels – rather than focusing on a solus piece of marketing – the catalogue forms part of each dealer’s sales strategy.

By driving customers to the dealers’ websites, where they can view the latest offers and deals, as well as explore wider online-only ranges available, the catalogue will help increase conversion rates.

Featuring over 170 pages of products across a wide range of categories, the new catalogue showcases the range available to Office Power dealer customers. Its covers are also personalised for each dealer to give them brand ownership and awareness among their own customers, and all featured products are available for next day delivery, giving Office Power’s dealer partners an additional selling point over competitors.

Office Power’s head of category, Colin Streeter, said: “The use of paper catalogues remains a hot topic of conversation in our industry because it is increasingly difficult to prove their ROI, especially compared to digital channels. However, they are still incredibly popular among dealers because they continue to be an important marketing tool as part of an overall multi-channel offering, helping our dealers to build close, personal relationships with their customers.

“The Office Power catalogue is just one of the more traditional marketing tools we provide to help them to achieve this, alongside the state-of-the-art technology our dealers have access to, which includes additional sales and marketing tools available in the Dealer Portal that allow dealers to target customers with specific offers at the right time.”

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