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A lot of the last year has been about evolving as an industry and overcoming the challenges the sector has faced. Integra’s CEO Aidan McDonough tells us how they have weathered the storm, and which issues he thinks are facing the industry now. Our BIG ASK follows this theme and asks the industry what they think the structure of the OP sector will look like, post-COVID.

The pandemic has certainly presented us with new challenges, but it has also brought new opportunities to be discovered and capitalised on. D3 Office Group tells us how it has grasped these chances with both hands – turning a tumultuous time into a positive one. Being successful in switching a negative into a positive has a lot to do with mental outlook; we explore how one Japanese philosophy could help dealers with continuous improvement.

In this issue’s look at tech we explore how technology could help increase efficiency – which, along with reliability, is key for dealers when looking at new products and services. With this in mind, we discuss how dealers are responding to the challenges of printer performance and reliability. Due to the pandemic, product lines have had to adapt – meaning advice about new products is crucial as technology evolves.

In these recent, crazy months products have adapted to the changes brought by the pandemic, and the way we work has had to adapt too. We explore the trend of hybrid working – expected to be one of the dominant ways of working in the second half of the year; what might this mean for dealers?

Our LIVE IT section brings a bit of lighthearted relief – and the good Father tells us how he and his team have been getting on working from home! We wrap the issue up with our FINAL WORD which discusses the ‘bulldog spirit’ of the industry and how it continues to face challenges head on.

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Ellie Potter 

Acting editor

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