OWA gives users completely environmentally friendly products

OWA is the first brand to give users a completely environmentally friendly product.
OWA is a laser printer cartridge that assures top quality printing results, and it is suitable for all installed printer bases. However, by buying an OWA cartridge, the user is guaranteed to make budget savings of 30%, and after use, each cartridge will be collected and sorted to ensure that it has been perfectly recycled.
As a priority, it will be remanufactured otherwise it will be carefully dismantled and all of the new components will be reintroduced into the industrial circuit as secondary raw materials.
OWA is fully committed and will ensure that for each OWA cartridge put on the market, another cartridge will be recycled following the OWA model.
OWA has created the first organised recycling method with guaranteed optimisation from start to finish. This process is entirely new, as today only 20% of 117 million Laser cartridges put on the European market will have a second life as a remanufactured Laser cartridge.
Learn more: armor-owa.com

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