Pitney Bowes partners with Alaris

Pitney Bowes is partnering with Alaris, securing Premiere Partner status in the Alaris Partner Programme.

The collaboration covers the UK market and combines Alaris’ portfolio of world-class document scanners, capture software and services with Pitney Bowes’ existing range of high performance physical and digital technologies. Organisations are recognising the need to get smarter about using data to deliver valuable insights and reduce costs, and this partnership will help customers improve their document management and archive processes, capture and digitise information securely, and enable them to leverage key information to drive business efficiency, growth and profitability.

Commenting on the partnership, Alaris marketing manager Owen Balloch said: “Successful digital transformation requires an integrated approach to information management. The journey starts with information capture – however the scale and complexity of data today requires a holistic solution, to help organisations not only capture but to process, store and share all of this information. As a Premier Partner, Pitney Bowes will play a vital role in the IN2 Ecosystem through their ability to connect, configure and create new solutions that meet customer needs.”

Ryan Higginson, VP SMB Solutions at Pitney Bowes, added: “Our clients are at different stages of their transformation journeys, but they’re all facing the same challenge of digitising documents in a secure, accessible way. The partnership with Alaris extends our portfolio and widens choice for clients, helping them accelerate their digital transformation programmes. This collaboration is a perfect example of our ‘client first’ approach – we listened to what our clients needed for their organisations and sought a partnership which would help us deliver exactly that.”

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