Premier Paper Group partners with FusionPLUS

Premier Paper Group has described its recent partnership with FusionPLUS as a “logical and hugely beneficial step” in supporting its dealers. The Premier file is now available via FusionPLUS software house partners – namely Evolution, Prima, Heart, Oasis, ECi, CommerceExchange, Calidore and OP-Connect. The file is also available directly from the Premier Paper Group.

Matt Fisher, sales director for Premier Business Papers, commented on the new partnership:

Many end users are again becoming aware of the vital role that paper plays in their corporate communication mix. Whether the need is for top quality papers for presentations and brochures or a paper for general office use, it is important to choose the right paper for the required job. That’s why we are striving to continually improve our product data and provide rich content such as supporting imagery, data sheets and video so that end users can make informed choices about the paper that they buy.

We’ve taken a significant step in making our product data easily accessible to Dealers, which in turn will help them to improve and increase their product offering, particularly on-line. We plan to continue to enhance our content and welcome suggestions from Dealers as to what else they would find beneficial”.

He continued:

Our product file offers one of the widest choices of top office paper brands including: HP, Elements, Multicopy Navigator, Discovery, Color Copy, Pro Design, Evolution Recycled and leading environmental brand Woodland Trust Office Paper. We’ve already produced supporting video content to promote our tree planting days featuring Julia Bradbury, which can be downloaded by Dealers to promote alongside Woodland Trust Office Papers, positioning the Dealer as an environmentally-responsible business.”

Steve Bilton, MD at FusionPLUS Data added: “Genuinely stoked to welcome Premier Paper to the fold – the depth of popular brands and products they offer is a fantastic addition to the FPD catalogue range and I’m sure will be warmly welcomed by the dealer community – great to have you on board, folks!”

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