Renz adds plastic-free binding covers to product portfolio

Renz UK has introduced new Plastic Free A4 Eco Binding Covers to its product portfolio.
The paper-based cover is, aesthetically, almost identical to a standard frosted plastic cover. However, unlike plastic covers, documents using the paper-based cover do not need to be separated into their respective parts to be recycled.

The paper-based covers are made from paper that is unbleached, totally chlorine free (TCF), 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. By comparison, plastic binding covers made from polypropylene can take over 400 years to degrade.
MD Iain Bullock said: “At Renz UK we have been looking to add to our existing plastic free product offerings. These new eco covers provide a great alternative to plastic acetate or polypropylene binding covers.

“It has been widely reported the damage that plastic waste is causing. Over eight million tons of plastic ended up into our oceans last year, and it is the responsibility of everyone to actively reduce their plastic footprint. As a manufacturer, we have a duty to offer products that are plastic-free.
“The move towards plastic alternative products is not some trend or fad. We simply cannot continue to dump millions of tons of single use plastic waste into landfill.”
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