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For many of us, remote working has now become a reality – regardless of whether it was one we were prepared for. COVID-19, the destructive pandemic sweeping the globe, has closed the doors of a huge number of UK businesses and driven us to our own homes to work. Of course, most of us don’t have access to the same resources at home that we have in the office – but that’s where the expertise of PFU (a Fujitsu company) comes in.
Flexible working has proven to be a growing market in recent years – and this will suddenly accelerate, thanks to the current worldwide emergency. Smaller, consumer-friendly scanning devices, more reliable wireless and mobile connectivity, and great advances in productivity software have all made a big difference to our ability to get things done outside the traditional office environment – and we need the help more than ever before.
The benefits of scanning in remote working include enhanced collaboration, as those working from home can easily share their work – via e-mail, a messenger platform or the cloud – with their colleagues and managers whilst ensuring security and compliance remain a part of their daily routine, as well as enhanced and uninterrupted service to your customer. Scanning also promotes a more efficient working process – which, in the difficult time we find ourselves in, is certainly a welcome attribute. Additionally, it ensures that consistent record-keeping is adhered to – something which can easily fall by the wayside when working from home, outside of the usual routine and without a team within easy reach for backup. Working across locations, employees can’t rely solely on physical copies of documents – there is a need for a digital library to be accessible and maintainable anywhere, and by anybody. There can be no disconnect between the information available to office-based workers and mobile employees.

The challenges of mobile working

If you’re a business owner or employee of a business that has embraced mobile working, it can be difficult to imagine your peers still holding any reservations as to its efficacy. On paper, this apprehension can appear well-founded; for instance, some feel that if employees are free to work from home, their productivity will decline. Others worry that communication will break down without the ability to talk face-to-face. And, perhaps the most severe threat of mobile working – how can businesses be sure that information taken out of the work environment stays secure?
These ‘risks’ are easily overcome, leaving nothing but benefits. Scanning ensures full visibility of the work that staff have been doing, including an audit trail, as well as the safety of data that managers will be particularly concerned about during this trying time.

Watch a webinar around the benefits and drivers of remote working and the part dedicated scanners have to play at
The solution

The ScanSnap iX1500 is the software and hardware solution that combines advanced – yet refreshingly simple and intuitive – technology to cut down on the challenges and confusion of home working across a fragmented team. It’s the flagship model of the ScanSnap series; it digitises large volumes of documentation quickly, improving productivity and efficiency, allowing any business or individual to focus on what matters most. What’s more, using the iX1500 is incredibly simple thanks to wireless connectivity, an intuitive touch-screen ScanSnap Home software hub. The device adapts to the home-working preferences required, intuitively scanning and routing documents to cloud accounts for enhanced sharing.
Product features:

  • Great for both personal and sharing use – for example, dad can deliver updates to clients straight to their email, mum can share her work with the office via the cloud, child A can submit and receive schoolwork from teachers and child B can share paintings with grandparents;
  • 30 ppm colour scanning;
  • 50 sheet automatic document feeder;
  • Scan and instantly create editable Excel, Word and PPT documents;
  • Scans wirelessly to a PC, Mac or smart device ;
  • Wi-Fi connection allows scanning straight from the ScanSnap to the cloud without your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

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The ScanSnap iX100 is a battery-powered wonder which makes scanning mobile. Whether scanning receipts, contracts, recipes, or plastic cards, the iX100 brings mobility and wireless scanning to your PC, Mac or mobile device.
Product features:

  • One-button searchable PDF creation;
  • Scans a colour document in 5.2 seconds;
  • Built-in GI microprocessor;
  • Scans wirelessly to a PC, Mac or smart device;
  • Scans two small documents at the same time;
  • ScanSnap Cloud – takes paper directly to your cloud.


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