Siemens establishes cybersecurity requirements for suppliers

New Siemens suppliers must comply with minimum binding cybersecurity requirements, which were introduced step-by-step starting on February 15, 2019, and anchored in a separate, binding clause in all new contracts.
These requirements will apply primarily to suppliers of security-critical components such as software, processors and electronic components for certain types of control units.
Existing suppliers who do not yet comply with the requirements are to implement them gradually. The goal is to better protect the digital supply chain against hacker attacks.
In this regard, Siemens is following the course laid down by the Charter of Trust for cybersecurity. The requirements stipulate, for example, that suppliers must integrate special standards, processes and methods into their products and services. The reason: to prevent vulnerabilities and malicious codes at suppliers – and thus in Siemens products as well.
“This step will enable us to reduce the risk of security incidents along the entire value chain in a holistic manner and offer our customers greater cybersecurity,” said Roland Busch, member of Siemens’ managing board and the company’s COO and CTO.
“If all our partner companies put their global weight behind these measures and implement them together with their suppliers, we can generate tremendous impact and make the digital world more secure.”
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