Sinclairs announces charity partnership with SANE

Sinclairs is proud to announce its charity partnership with SANE, a UK mental health charity.

Sinclairs is committed to workplace wellbeing and raising awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Whilst announcing the partnership in tandem with Mental Health Awareness Week, it is passionate about supporting SANE’s messaging throughout the year.

Paul Howard, director and chairman of Sinclairs, said: “Mental health awareness is so important and we’re committed to supporting our own team at Sinclairs. It was a logical next step to look at ways to support the wider community and this is why we decided to partner with SANE. We’re positive about the future of the partnership and raising awareness for the charity in the coming years.”

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, added: “We are very grateful to have the support of Sinclairs. We welcome the opportunity to partner with an organisation that shares our mission of raising awareness of mental illness and supporting people and families affected by it.”

Sinclairs hopes to reach thousands of people nationally with key messages on mental health awareness, mindfulness and helpful tips during times of stress such as increased office workloads, deadline pressures, revision and exams.

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