So, just what's in a rebrand?

Steve Harrop, CEO of Advantia Business Solutions, tells us more about the dealer group’s rebrand and the thinking behind it
There are a number of good reasons for the rebranding of a business. And, with the changes we’re introducing to our strategic model over the next 12-18 months that involve stakeholders of all types – members, suppliers and the internal team, we feel it’s the time to look at the identity of Advantia and clarify its direction. Here’s the thinking behind what you see in a subtle but impactful change in brand image.
We’re implementing a change to the positioning and brand promise of our company and this has very positive outcomes for our organisation. Everything is being adapted in line with the organisation’s new strategy and promise: our products and services, HR policy, customer contact, corporate identity, etc. Rebranding makes this change visible for all stakeholders.
Whilst we’re in a traditionally viewed service industry there are real dynamic changes in the market situation which means that our focus on growth, individual development (people and companies) has to be a defining element in Advantia’s progress. The digitisation of society in particular is making it necessary for certain stakeholders to reinvent themselves. We have most of the tools ready and are building more dynamic and integrated offerings to ensure that growth is a real option.
The Advantia brand change is subtle but clearly establishes our goals in being defining, dynamic and diverse. The colour combination reflects diversity and a change in strap line recognises the direction we are going in. Another reason is that this rebranding identifies the pathway we’ve already taken by being bold, innovative and different from our peers in the industry. Never fearing change Advantia has consistently demonstrated its desire for improvement and now we’re set for another chapter.
It’s often said that a new CEO brings a new lease of life to an organisation. New ideas, new thoughts and differing experiences permit a view through a fresh pair of eyes. This may result in organisational changes that also influence the course the company takes. In our case we are looking to re-establish our defined industry logistics platform and build on innovative diversity of product range offering. We plan an extensive recruitment campaign built around dynamic marketing programmes and an inspirational e-commerce platform.
One of the most common reasons for undertaking a corporate rebranding project is modernisation. Trends mean that over time brands come across as old-fashioned if they have not been updated. Time to recognise diversity in colour, design and statement. 
That’s the main reasons for a new and fresh take on an existing look. It says we’re ready for change and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders. It recognises diversity and sets us on the road for dynamic growth building.
Some might say….A refreshing change…but…? What do you think?

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