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As The Navigator Company launches its new and improved inkjet-quality UHD paper, the manufacturer is spreading the word about the impact of colour. The way colour catches the eye and speaks to people’s moods and productivity levels cannot be understated; take a closer look at the many leaflets, adverts or letters you see during an average day – chances are, the majority of them are in full colour. Now imagine how much their impact would be lessened in monochrome.
Humans are visual creatures, so colour makes all the difference when it comes to first impressions. Colour speaks to our emotions and turns any message into something stronger; Navigator, whose UHD paper boasts a special surface treatment to create a better, smoother print quality, is urging businesses the world over to consider how colour can work for them before they click print.
Improving attention
According to independent research, colour can boost reader attention and recall by a huge 82%. Additionally, readership rates have the potential increase by up to 80%, while colour has a 39% higher chance of making more memorable impressions. Crucially, colour can improve response rates by 44%, and gives literature a 55% higher chance of being prioritised.
The use of coloured ink has also been proven to have a particularly strong impact on children, making it a vital tool within the education sector – a market many resellers are moving into. It makes learning materials stand out, helps ensure pupils remember the messages they’re being taught and ensures their attention is held for longer.
Colour can also have a serious impact on how the average person organises themselves and their work, making them more efficient and productive. The use of colour ink can lead to:

  • Better organisation. Introducing colour can improve the identification of documents by 15%, and the use of it to highlight amounts and dates on invoices can boost timely payment responses by 30%.
  • Time gain. Better organisation can improve the speed at which people work by 39%, while locating and processing documents printed in colour can cut 1.5 hours spent reading monochrome documents to just 0.5 hours. The ability to highlight the relevant information can be boosted by 80%.
  • Fewer errors. Quite simply, the use of coloured ink makes information 80% more clear and easier to manage, leaving less room for error.

Improving sales
The attention-capturing qualities of colour translate to improved customer engagement and sales, a much higher level of interest in promotional materials – such as sales brochures – and improved brand recognition. All of this can be boosted by up to 80%.
Pairing coloured ink with a paper now optimised for inkjet – like Navigator UHD – is a simple yet hugely effective step towards better business. Can your customers be without it?
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