Stationers’ Company announces warrants for 2018

The Stationers’ Company has awarded at total of nine Warrants for 2018, following an extensive judging procedure.
Mike James, the Chairman of the Warrants Committee stated that this year, “the Stationers’ Company had a record number of applicants for the warrant and the judging was interesting. At times the discussions were quite heated, and it was great to see the passion of the judging committee. At the conclusion of the judging it was decided to award new warrants to five products with a further four products having their warrants extended for another year.”
The companies that have extended the warrant from previous years where the Judging panel saw further innovation and development of the products are as follows:
EO Group for the Office Power Dealer network programme
Prima Software for its Prima Cloud product
Slightly Foxed for the wonderful quarterly review
Victor Stationery for the Rhino Notebook
The new Stationers’ Warrants for 2018 were awarded to:
 Stewart Superior for the SSeco Security Folder
 Office Club for the Cool Earth Paper
 Gopak for its Ultralight Staging
 PCS for its online solution for editorial and collaboration workflows.
 Alamy for its Picture Library
 The Stationers Company Warrant was introduced by Past Master Helen Esmonde in 2014 and takes the organization back to its roots as a Livery Company in recognising and promoting excellent products and services. These warrants increase in popularity every year.
The judging for the 2019 Stationers warrant will commence in March 2019 under a new Chairman, Sammy Bartley.

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