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Helen Wade, product marketing director at VOW discusses the booming UK storage market and how the wholesaler’s exclusive StoreStack brand is helping resellers capitalise on this growth
The UK storage market is booming and now, thanks to the exclusive StoreStack brand – only available through the EVO Group – resellers can capitalise on this growth by selling a wide range of plastic storage solutions.
“At VOW we grow if resellers grow, which is why we’re continually looking to introduce new product ranges that match customer demand. The UK storage market is worth at least £54m according to the latest figures we have – and that figure is growing – which is why it made sense to introduce the StoreStack brand.
“We’ve seen a surge in demand for plastic storage solutions – in both the commercial and domestic markets – especially when those solutions are well made. End-users are looking for longevity over cheaper, less durable solutions. StoreStack helps dealers to match products to that trend.”
Rather than marketing solely based on volume or actual sizes, which can be confusing to consumers, VOW sells the range based on what they can be used to store. For example, a quick look at the StoreStack website – – shows that there are boxes designed to hold a single ream of A4 paper, A4 suspension files, five box files, IT equipment and CDs. The list of suitable uses is extensive, given there are over 20 different sizes and the range is constantly being added to.
Key product features of the range resellers can use when selling includes:

  • They are ideal for use in offices, warehouses, homes, garages and self-storage units
  • They’re stackable
  • Security is standard – boxes are fitted with a secure clip-lock mechanism
  • Strength has been thought about – the boxes are made from polypropylene and have reinforced bases and corners
  • Stability is ensured thanks to their shape and reinforced corners

“Another key selling point is the fact that all of the boxes are produced in the UK, which is great for the supply chain and it supports the UK economy,” adds Helen. “The factory’s state-of-the-art injection moulding machines and robotic handling equipment provide the ability to produce up to 2,000 boxes a day, so reseller customers will never be short of storage!”
As with all of the exclusive brand products available from EVO, StoreStack provides an opportunity for resellers to sell new lines and avoid being drawn into a pricing game. This, of course, alleviates the problem of margins being squeezed.
“StoreStack provides a genuine brand alternative for resellers, especially given the way we’re selling according to usage, not just size. It’s an ideal opportunity to capitalise on a growing product category and, as a result, we look forward to further developing the brand throughout 2018.”

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