Streamlining workflows is the first step on the path to profitability, Kyocera study reveals

Kyocera Document Solutions Europe, believes that the key to starting a journey towards profitability begins with the optimisation of workflows. Through the study, Workflow Management: The Path to Profitability, the organisation delves into the key challenges that companies of all sizes encounter on a day-to-day basis that could easily be avoided with the use of technology.

Disjointed processes cost professionals both time and money. Paperwork in the workplace is easily mislaid, communication paths are unclear, or projects are left in limbo with no clear direction.

“Digital solutions can add structure and control to workflows, making them simpler to manage and dramatically enhancing productivity, with knock-on effects on profitability”, explained Michael Powell, expert software product management at Kyocera.

Technology provides professionals with the tools they need to communicate more effectively and work through processes. Workflows can be defined more clearly and executed more efficiently. When tasks are automatically assigned to specific team members, there are no doubts about who is responsible for each part of the process.

What’s more, efficient workflow management allows businesses to prepare for growth. As organisations grow and develop, their operations spread across a bigger team, or possibly across various teams or departments that might be located in different cities or countries. In order to communicate adequately and ensure that workflows continue to flow smoothly, relevant technology is essential.

Yet, despite the clear advantages, Kyocera’s whitepaper that many companies have much to learn about how they can tweak the way they organise their operations to increase productivity and profits.

“We strive to help companies to optimise their processes so that they truly can put knowledge to work and that journey begins with the clear definition of workflows,” Powell continued.

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