Stress-related absence surge caused by poor management, says CIPD

A new study by CIPD shows that a recent surge in stress-related absences has been linked to poor management.

Josh Krichefski, CEO at MediaCom UK, responded to the study, saying: “Creating a working culture that encourages employees to open up about stress, wellbeing and mental health is not what businesses could be doing, but must be doing in 2019 – and this has to come from the top.

“CIPD’s survey cites poor management style as a reason for stress; leadership style can absolutely have an effect on one’s mental health and, by extension, how stressed people are at work. Leaders need to be role models and that means being human, authentic and leading from the front when it comes to issues around mental health.

“But, clearly, part of the problem lies in the lack of guidance given to managers in the first place. Too often, business leaders look for quick fixes, such as daily yoga or early finishes on a Friday. But these benefits do not address the real issues of helping employees to understand their own feelings and managing stress.

“We’ve implemented a people-first mantra that not only ensures everyone is given a voice, but it allows them to be themselves at work.

“By openly talking about stress and wellbeing, employees can genuinely feel they have a safe space to open up, which is good for the culture and ultimately produces better results.

“I would encourage all leaders to champion a culture that encourages openness if they are to create a happy and engaged workforce and reduce stress.”

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