The 'hybrid' office chair is the latest furniture phenomenon, says Dynamic

According to Dynamic Office Solutions, there is a new phenomenon sweeping through UK offices – a design variant that incorporates the best of two best-selling sectors.

Changing working practices and the need for more supportive and adaptive posture seating has led to the creation of a new seating solution – Dynamic has christened it the ‘hybrid’. These chairs incorporate the more generous dimensions and upholstery virtues of more traditional executive chairs, but boast the features and functionality of task and operator chairs.

Executives increasingly take care of most – if not all – of their admin and IT-driven tasks. They need a good-quality task chair to provide them with the support required when working online and at monitor. They also need the comfort, dimensions and upholstery advantages an executive chair provides.

The hybrid trend is catching on fast. Dynamic has already broken the £1m sales marker with this new sector this year and the evolution trend is in steep growth.

Some of the new hybrids were showcased by Dynamic during its recent appearance at Clerkenwell Design Week; visitors to the Dynamibus mobile showroom experience were impressed with the usage opportunities of these designs.

Dynamic MD, Carl Verlander, commented: “Senior management roles have changed significantly, and that change working practices have altered over the past couple of decades. Now execs often take care of many duties previously performed by a bank of administrators and secretaries.

We have designed chairs to reflect that change. They match the fresh requirements from executive users who need to support and comfort whilst engaged in mixed admin and monitor activity.”

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