The New Office Environment

Has office working changed for good?

Over the last 20 years offices have been specifically designed to encourage bringing employees together for interaction/encounters specifically moving away from less personal space and more collaborative working and shared environments.

For the short term this is completely the opposite of what is needed for an office space, as companies need to provide social distancing and minimise interactions.

Some features we may see implemented on a return to the office:

  • The 6 foot office – designed so that employees are always 6 foot away from others
    • One way systems
    • Rota working
    • Signage- floor graphics, social distancing tapes etc
    • Removal of hot desk areas
    • Move to voice activated devices rather than hand activated buttons.
    • Personal Stationery not shared office cupboards.
    • Dual offices (at home and in office)

So what does the workplace of the future look like?

  • A “radical decrease” in the amount of time people spend in the office.
  • A continued trend in homeworking for some  of the week.
  • Office locations, size, purpose, activities and environment will change dramatically over the next 5 years.
  • Offices could remain as hubs where senior managers are based, with employees travelling in once or twice a week to meet with their bosses.

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