The Stationers’ Company Warrants Recipients 2021

The Stationers’ Warrant was launched in 2014 and has established itself as a mark of recognition highlighting excellence within our industries. Members of The Stationers’ Company hold the Warrant in extremely high esteem reflecting it’s unique reach and expertise

It has now recognised many companies with Stationers’ Warrants, and it is developing the programme year on year. Winning entries have the honour of using the Company Warrant on their product or for promoting their service, which has proved a really positive selling point.

As marketplaces have changed, The Stationers’ Warrants has also witnessed changes by seeing not only traditional products such as pens and notebooks, but also products which embrace sustainability and services that are unique and truly relevant to the industry.

Chris Geer, in her first year as chairman of the Warrants Committee, commented: “Despite the unprecedented year we have just had, the Company was delighted to receive so many impressive applications from such a broad cross section of the communications and content industries.”

The committee enhanced the application scheme for 2021 by making it an online process and met virtually during the year to organise and judge the entries. It was delighted to award seven new Stationers’ Warrants for 2021.

The new Stationers’ Warrants for 2021 are:

  • Baddeley Brothers, for their elegant and distinctive labels using flawless design technology for Pirates Grog Number 13 Labeling
  • Downey for their luxury design and print services marrying modern sustainability with 100 years of tradition.
  • Incontrol Marketing for the personalisation and tailoring of their Marketing Portal and its emphasis on continuous improvement.
  • The Jolly Savage Company for their sustainable concept for putting back unused consumables into the supply chain.
  • printIQ for the continuous development approach with the sustainable focus on remotely trained and installed software in their Print Workflow Management Software
  • Renz UK for their Air2Color product demonstrating the pivot to using existing expertise in responding to the market demands of the past year.
  • Two Sides for their proven goals promoting sustainability in the print, paper and paper packing supply chain combined with an innovative campaigning and information led programme.

The following companies which demonstrated to the judging panel further innovation and development of their warranted products have had their warrants extended.

  • EO Group for the Office Power Dealer network programme
  • Victor Stationery for the Rhino Notebook
  • Brown Fox for their fine stationery range

Details for the 2022 Stationers’ Warrant will be announced soon.

Should you require any more information on either the Stationers’ Company Warrant or the warrant winning products, then please contact Chris Geer

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