Top 10 most popular workplace perks revealed

From office book clubs to company sports teams and video games, new research has revealed the incentives and benefits that today’s workers are most keen to see.
A study of 2,315 UK workers published in the Great Perk Search Report by Perkbox shows the perks that prove most popular with the workforce.
Respondents selected extracurricular clubs (97.57) and a pool table (92.03) in the top two spots.
Interestingly, sports-based perks also proved popular amongst those surveyed – with ping pong tables (89.38) and office sports teams such as football or netball (88.59) coming in third and fourth.
This was followed by games consoles and in-office video games (87.83) and a day off on your birthday (85.60).
Benefits which save employees’ money completed the list of the top 10 most popular perks.
This included discounts on holidays (85.55), discounts at supermarkets (85.52), free coffee and hot drinks (84.63) and deductions on restaurants and takeaways (83.24).
Chieu Cao, CMO and co-founder at Perkbox, said: “It’s interesting to see the list of the most popular perks. This list highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when deciding which benefits make the most sense for your company.
“In fact, deciding which benefits to implement can often depend on the type of culture and industry the business operates in. Wherever possible, employers should listen to what their employees have to say, what they like and want.
“That’s why tools such as our recently launched Perkbox Insights, can prove very useful to help break down silos between management and staff and really get to understand your people.”
The top 10 most popular workplace perks

  1. Extracurricular club (e.g. arts and crafts and book clubs) – 97.57
  2. Pool table – 92.03
  3. Ping pong table – 89.38
  4. Office sports team (e.g. football or netball) – 88.59
  5. Video games – 87.83
  6. Birth ‘o’ holiday (annual leave day on your birthday) – 85.60
  7. Discounts on holidays, flights and hotels – 85.55
  8. Discounts at supermarkets – 85.52
  9. Free coffee and hot drinks – 84.63
  10.  Discounts on restaurants and takeaways – 83.24

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