Vantage announces integration between Vantage Online and Xerox XDA/XSM

Vantage has recently released integration between its market-leading service management and billing system Vantage Online and Xerox Device Agent (XDA) and Xerox Services Manager (XSM).
The integration with Vantage Online has further enhanced the functional capabilities available to Xerox partners, enabling them to more efficiently manage the essential billing requirements.
Using Xerox’s own API, Vantage Online polls the Xerox XSM database every day to identify meter readings, validate them and then download them into Vantage Online. Users also have the option to poll manually at any time should they want to obtain the very latest readings.
Readings are instantly available within the Vantage Online Billing Centre, and invoices can be produced for all connected metered devices with just two clicks.
Readings received that are lower than those previously recorded in Vantage Online won’t be updated, whilst readings that are higher than average for a given device will be flagged to users to highlight any potential discrepancies.
With integration possible for almost all device collection agents, Vantage Online offers office equipment and MPS providers the most comprehensive, robust and user-friendly meter billing functionality available on the market.
Commenting on the success of the Vantage’s partnership with Xerox, Tony Milford, Managing Director at Vantage, said: “We’re proud to support more than 40 UK Xerox partners in the UK alone, and we developed our first billing integration piece for XSM/XDA back in 2014 for our legacy Service Accent solution. With the API-driven architecture of our new Vantage Online platform we can now do so much more than was possible previously, helping dealers reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve profitability.”

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