Victor Stationary UK & Grosvenor House papers partners with Fusionplus data to provide resellers with educational product content

Victor Stationery and Grosvenor House are proud to announce a new partnership with FusionPlus Data that will provide channel partners and resellers with product content relating to the educational and commercial channels.

Victor Stationery manufactures just under 500 products under the well-known and established Rhino brand. These products cover a wide range of product areas including exercise books, premium educational notebooks and pads, professional commercial notebooks and pads, flipchart pads and a visual stress range of notebooks and pads. Also included in the range is the Save the Rhino recycled range of notebooks and pads which supports the charity
In order to provide resellers with the ability to market these ranges to their customers via online channels, Victor Stationery and Grosvenor House has enlisted product content service FusionPlus Data to provide its online catalogue and content for e-commerce.
Through this new partnership, Victor Stationery will manage the rich product content for the products via FusionPlus Data. Resellers will be able to fulfil their customer orders by using Grosvenor House as Victor Stationery’s channel distribution partner.
Robert Moore, CEO of Victor Stationery stated: “We’re delighted to be able to offer the dealer community the ability to receive rich content data across the range of the well-known Rhino branded Notebooks and Pads which are accessible from our partner, Grosvenor House Papers. A high percentage of children have grown up using Rhino exercise books in their schools and by offering the content of this range via online retail we can provide access to the Office Products channel to satisfy their customers demand in the Educational Sector.”
Keith Young, MD for Grosvenor House Papers adds: “Our relationship with Victor Stationery extends many years and is stronger than ever. As a business we stock their full range which means that the dealers and resellers will now have access to an optimised, online friendly, and end-user targeted content provided by Victor Stationery. Our role is to service the dealer community by distributing the product through our extensive delivery network. We feel these efforts will pay off in additional sales and increased margins for our channel partners in the Educational sector.”
Steve Bilton, MD of FusionPlus Data, adds: “Working with Victor Stationery and Grosvenor House Paper over the last few weeks has been a genuine pleasure, and with their extensive specialist knowledge we’ve further developed and improved our attribute structure within the notebooks and pads categories. I have no doubt that the new enriched and fully attributed product file will prove extremely popular with the dealer community, and their customers!”
The optimised Victor Stationery catalogue will be available and easily activated via the mainstream software houses, namely EvolutionX, Prima, ECi, Heart, Oasis, CommercExchange, Calidore, OP-Connect, Intact, along with industry marketing specialist, InControl Marketing. To find out more, please contact Grosvenor House Papers on 01539 726161 or send an email to [email protected]
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