VOW fully switches to self-service customer portal

Soft-launched in June 2018 and rolled out to the whole reseller customer base in the following 12 months, VOW’s self-service portal is now a key tool for most of their customers’ everyday administration requirement

Time-consuming tasks such as requesting proof of delivery, copy invoices, credit notes or statements, checking stock or pricing, tracking orders and organising returns can be done more quickly and when convenient for the dealer. Utilising the portal provides insight, control and greater efficiency and productivity than ever before.
VOW sales director, Nikki Todd, has been delighted with the implementation and is now ready to move the self-service portal from being an optional bolt-on tool to a required business system, she said:
“We worked very closely with our dealers to create this system and they have played their part in not just getting it off the ground, but into full swing. They told us the information they wanted us to provide and the way in which they wanted it. They were really clear about what they were looking for and set us the challenge of delivering it. We met that challenge and the result is a new and different process that everyone is happy with. The reaction has been so overwhelmingly positive that we have decided that from 1st November, we will stop doing these processes manually and all customers will be required to use the self-service portal.
“The movement to the automated process has clearly saved time and improved efficiency for dealers. Moving everyone exclusively onto the system will allow our customer experience team to dedicate more of their time to understanding the data and improving our processes to further enhance the experience of working with VOW.”
Todd stressed that the automation does not mean that the human touch is lost from the all-important wholesaler/dealer relationship. “Far from it,” she said. “We value our customers and the beauty of the portal is that it saves them time dealing with the simple things that shouldn’t need phone calls, emails and waiting for a response.”
“What it does do is give us more time to collaborate more meaningfully one-to-one. We’re able to talk about where the market is going, what products are in development and have proactive conversations about their plans and aspirations so we can identify clear paths to growth together.
“Ultimately, we’re delivering a better customer experience and being repaid with loyalty and a stronger relationship. It’s very much a collaborative effort and it works for everyone.”
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