VOW invests in transport innovation

VOW has secured a winning double-whammy thanks to a £750,000 investment in a state-of-the-art transport management system designed to boost its commitment to the environment and deliver new levels of ease and efficiency to its national network of dealers. VOW’s delivery network partner, Truline, has introduced the technology to run the 350-strong delivery fleet that operates from 16 distribution hubs nationwide.
Already the signs are good, with dealers enjoying practical benefits like being able to access real-time tracking and proof of delivery information via the VOW self-service customer portal. And, Truline bosses are starting to collate the data on the fossil fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions that the system delivers.
“We’re really proud of the commitment of the Truline team to get this up and running and the obvious benefits it is delivering for our staff, the dealers and the environment in the long term,” explained Truline MD Jonathan Rolfe. “It is completely bedded in now and we’re getting great feedback – anyone who has operated as a dealer will know how valuable it is to get the benefits of end-to-end traceability and instant electronic proofs of delivery.
“We’re also benefitting from the sophisticated vehicle tracking, which enables us to monitor and record driver performance and identify issues such as harsh breaking, poor cornering or speeding. Again, this will contribute to improvements in fuel efficiencies.”
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