VOW Wholesale and Commercial team up to support local causes

With faster and more frequent product introduction, new category portfolios and the need to be optimise value through the distribution channel, a ruthless mindset is required to make sure warehouse space is being used for the right products.
Commercial, working with VOW Wholesale as its distribution partner, recently identified approximately 30 pallets of products that they wished to clear from the Arrow Distribution Centre. Previously, this might have been sent to landfill – but that is no longer an acceptable solution, particularly for companies like VOW and Commercial that put the environment and sustainability at the heart of their values and CSR policies.
Claire Reay, VOW account director, agreed with Commercial to share the products – which included washroom supplies like toilet rolls and hand towels – amongst a number of worthwhile local organisations. With the support of colleagues, products were consolidated, distributed and, in some cases, personally carried and delivered to eight very grateful charities, hospices, schools and community clubs in the Leeds and Wakefield area.
Reay was quick to recognise the generosity of Commercial and the hard work and determination of her colleagues who had helped to make this happen.
“We are so glad that through the kindness of Commercial and the efforts of the VOW team – especially John McTigue, Jacqui Foster, Dan Rogers and Milan Harper, we have been able to make a positive contribution to good causes in the area,” she said. “The letters of thanks that we have received are absolutely heart-warming. It’s great to know that we’ve been able to make a difference and that our efforts have been appreciated.”
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