Well-being to be the focus of Paperworld 2019


From 26 to 29 January 2019, Paperworld will be presenting the world’s largest range of paper, office supplies and stationery in Frankfurt am Main.

With its two main product lines, commercial office supplies (the visionary office) and paper, stationery and school supplies for private use (the stationery trends), it presents the industry’s new products in a unique depth and breadth. The duo consisting of the visionary office and the stationery trends is also reflected in the Paperworld Trends. They show innovative solutions for the office of tomorrow and pioneering lifestyle trends for schools, gift-giving, packaging and celebrating.

On behalf of Paperworld, the bora.herke.palmisano style agency has looked into the question of how work will be performed in the future and what the trend products for the coming season will be. For this purpose, it draws on developments in fashion and architecture as well as product and furniture design, and transfers them to the paper, office supplies and stationery sector. The agency places selected products from a variety of exhibitors in a forward-looking context, thus forming the forecasts for the coming 2019/20 season.

The key term this year is ‘well-being’. The creation of a pleasant and healthy atmosphere is also gaining in importance in parallel with the digital spirit of optimism and new, communal living and working concepts.

“Against the background of digitalisation and urbanisation, our previous ideas of life and work are changing noticeably. Interestingly, the focus is less on technology than on people,” said Claudia Herke from the bora.herke.palmisano style agency.

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