#WELLNESS18 – celebrating wellness in the workplace

WELLNESS18 is a unique one-day event (6 June, UBS, 5 Broadgate, London, EC2M 2QS) encompassing all aspects of wellness including mind, body and spirit. The event addresses some of the most interesting and challenging subjects such as the stigmatisation of mental health, diversity, motivation, taming technology, nutrition, design and much more. Attendees include 150 senior professionals responsible for wellness initiatives within the workplace attending to discover new strategies, listen to expert speakers and authors and hear new trends supporting wellness at work.

Topics include:

  • Team of teams: leading high-performance teams in complex environments

  • Well-being at work: then, now and the future

  • Case study: implementing new wellness strategies

  • Physical activity in the workplace – how to move like a boss

  • Beyond the business case: from strategy to reality

  • Presenting diversity works

  • The neuroscience of personality and performance: the influence of workplace on the brain, body and behaviour

  • Wellness as an underlying factor for inspiration

And many others. The event will be chaired by Aidan Walker, director of Aidan Walker Associates, and speakers include Ash Alexander-Cooper, Jeanell English, Mark Foster, Davina Goodchild, Tony Horan, Dr Kerstin Sailer and more.