Dealer Support offers a monthly print magazine, a daily website, weekly email newsletter, and face to face events – that focuses on the business and commercial  management of independent business supplies dealerships. 

At Dealer Support, our mission is to help manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers reach their customers through business-to-business marketing vehicles that are high-quality, focused and cutting edge and which are, most importantly, unique and effective.

Our role is to facilitate good communication across what is acknowledged to be a fragmented business supplies and services reseller channel.

We recognise key areas of influence when it comes to getting product to market: The senior principals within resellers – those individuals, often the owners, who are running the business) and the customer-facing sales forces – who are ‘at the coal face’ speaking to the business consumer on a daily basis.

Dealer Support and its informative, inspiring content expertly gets information across to reseller principles and their sales teams and creates a captive audience for our supplier partner marketing messages.

Our publication, website and face to face events provide strategic, effective and proven marketing channels to our clients, allowing you to influence key levels of your audience, providing excellent return on your investment.

To receive detailed information about how we work, what makes us different, our publishing model and, of course our all important marketing options get in touch today.