Advantia cube e-marketing portal delivers success

Advantia now provides a new e-marketing platform free of charge as part of its membership, which is already delivering major results

Working with InControl Marketing (ICM), Advantia is providing its members with access to the cube platform containing a selection of marketing content from promotions, seasonal campaigns and capability material all at no cost to its members.
In addition, ICM are running a number of managed campaigns for Advantia members, which are already delivering new sales opportunities. These campaigns will be continued by Advantia giving every member the ability to showcase the vast range of products and services on offer directly to their customers.
Mike Heaps, Advantia chairman, commented: “We’re constantly challenging ourselves on how Advantia can add value both upstream to vendors and downstream to our members. The partnership with ICM is representative of how a collaborative approach can deliver tangible, profitable benefits for all stakeholders. It’s a very simple and effective method to help our members sell-through and communicate an increasingly diverse range of products and services. It underpins our sales and marketing activity and is therefore integral to our strategy.”
Advantia member Border Office Supplies & Systems (BOSS) have already seen some major incremental sales as a result of one of these campaigns. Themis Hemley, director at BOSS explains the positive impact these campaigns have had on sales and customer engagement.
“The marketing we’re running in partnership with InControl Marketing is incredibly relevant and timely. The recent “make the shift’ campaigns have enabled us to proactively communicate this initiative to our customers and prospects converting it into a tangible sales opportunity. Whilst a proportion of our customers were aware of the move towards Windows 10, and the consequences, the campaign has had the effect of both creating a sense of urgency and positioning BOSS as the specialist, local business able to offer both advice and solutions.
“We’re actively following up the marketing campaigns and converting the engagement and interest created to secure free site surveys and machine audits. This has created a significant uplift in sales. To date we’ve generated in excess of £75,000 incremental sales as a direct result of the campaigns.”
Beck Miller, Advantia marketing and operations director, commented: “This is an exciting time for the group. We now have a number of platforms in place which all link through our community portal. A member logs on once and has access to everything they need from news, marketing, pricing, discussion forums, etc. all at the touch of a button and all available 24 hours a day seven days a week. This gives us the ability to launch news products and services very quickly and more importantly directly to the end user customer.
“Our members are already receiving enquiries for products they didn’t realise their customers were interested in. This is all backed up by a full support service that allows them to follow the leads up with confidence and the ability to get the product to their customer efficiently. The growth opportunities are endless and we as a group will make sure we capitalise on them.”
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