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Austin Clark talks to Helen Wade, product marketing director at VOW, about the workplace ergonomics’ market and how the wholesaler’s exclusive Contour Ergonomics brand is helping dealers take advantage of the huge market opportunity
The focus on workplace ergonomics continues to grow – as, of course, does the demand for products and solutions that ensure healthier, happier employees.
Helping dealers to satisfy this demand is Contour Ergonomics – a VOW Exclusive brand that offers a practical, professional and trustworthy range of high-quality yet affordable ergonomics. The products in the range have been designed and selected with the aim of reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity in the workplace – and, in the process, supporting organisations to deliver their wellbeing strategies.
“Health and wellbeing is a huge opportunity for dealers and Contour Ergonomics helps dealers to develop that opportunity,” says Helen Wade, product marketing director at VOW. “As a wholesaler, we’re keen to help dealers maximise the opportunities from growth areas and to be able to deliver solutions sales. This is a prime example.
“There’s not just a handful of products in the range. We’re offering a full range of products – with more to be added soon – which allows dealers to visit a business, complete workplace assessments and recommend products according to individual needs. This really is a product group ideally suited to help dealers ‘solution sell’ through their close relationships with customers.”
Everything from a wrist rest through to a sit-stand workstation or anti-fatigue floor mat is available and dealers have access to all the usual marketing and support tools they would expect from any major brand. The Contour Ergonomics website – – contains lots of useful product information to help with sales too.
Top sellers
Since its launch earlier this year sales of Contour Ergonomics have been strong across the board, although Helen says that monitor risers have been the real hero products.
“The heightened awareness of wellbeing really is driving sales. A lot of people have done great work in building knowledge about display screen equipment (DSE) regulations, which has made monitor risers a standard piece of kit. The need for wrist rests, for example, is based on an individual user’s needs, whereas monitor risers are absolutely essential in ensuring your people are working at the right height. Awareness of the consequences of poor posture and positioning is much greater than it used to be and, as a result, product demand has followed.”
Helen suggests dealers can use the fact that an investment in wellbeing in the workplace boosts productivity, reduces absenteeism and enhances staff retention in order to sell more. “The cost savings are clear for organisations of all sizes. Companies are cottoning on to the fact that investment in ergonomic solutions is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – there’s a return on investment as well.
“Now, thanks to Contour Ergonomics, dealers can get out and sell a range of products that are affordable yet high quality and avoiding the price game because it’s a VOW exclusive brand!”

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