Case study: Holker IT takes on Toshiba TEC for HQ and customers alike

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Wishing to increase its brand awareness and support internal marketing activities, IT systems support specialist, Holker IT, has installed Toshiba’s TEC display solutions – and, after seeing for itself the benefits they deliver, the company is now incorporating them in the solutions it develops for its own customers.

A 65-inch screen has been installed in the company’s boardroom and is used for displaying presentations and interactive demonstrations. A 55-inch screen has been installed in the reception area. Using the SignStix content management system (CMS), this screen is programmed to display a variety of internal marketing and news messages and it can even direct people to the nearest exit in the event of a fire alarm.

We decided to buy the screens as an aid to our marketing activities and operations, and we definitely made the right decision,” said Matthew Metcalfe, MD of Holker IT.

The large screen in the meeting room creates a great impression and provides us with an excellent way of presenting information and ideas to potential and existing customers. It’s very easy to use and both the image and sound quality are superb! The content can be pushed from a desktop computer, which ensures data security and privacy.

The screen we have in our reception area is equally useful as we can use it to display a wealth of messages and marketing information. In fact, we’re so impressed with the Toshiba display screens and the possibilities they offer that we are now frequently recommending them to our own customers. As a result, we’re using them in projects we are currently delivering across the country.”

The Toshiba professional display systems also have integrated software that has been developed specifically for the business and hospitality sectors.

The hospitality displays feature HD-Ready 24-inch and 32-inch screens, and full HD 43-inch and 49-inch screens. Models in this series have built-in TV tuners and speakers, and offer a wide range of connectivity options.

For the screens used as digital signage, the SignStix CMS makes the process of deploying content easy. It is an intuitive digital tool that allows end-users to easily create, edit, manage, deploy and report on digital content in real-time. As it is cloud-based, there is no requirement for downloading and installing software.

Our display solutions represent a convenient option for companies that value interaction, with flexible and engaging communication that is easy to use and roll out,” said Chris Mills, indirect channel marketing manager at Toshiba. “They’re very effective.

Studies show that businesses using display screens in the reception area enjoy 40% decrease in perceived waiting time and an increase of 52% in customer engagement compared with static displays. We are very pleased to see our products helping Holker IT to enjoy these and many other benefits from a solution that integrates so well with the company’s day-to-day operations.”

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