Fancy That – VOW dress for NHS Success!

Working from home has been quite a revelation for many people, and there’s a pretty strong suspicion that many may be taking advantage of the situation to spend the day working in their pyjamas! Not so the management team at VOW.

Donna McDonald and Jess Emsley from the wholesalers sales team decided that they would try to raise some money to support the NHS Charities by going to work in fancy dress, Donna in her wedding dress and Jess in a full dinosaur outfit!
Other colleagues joined in and as you will see on the VOW social media feeds, the initiative spread all the way to the boardroom!
Managing Director, Adrian Butler, having changed out of his bodice and skirt into a nun’s habit and wimple is delighted to support the effort. “We all know it can be challenging working remotely, particularly because it means less social interaction with colleagues. It’s great to see that we can still have some fun as a team and find reasons to smile during difficult times. Congratulations to Donna and Jess who got the ball rolling and whose efforts have raised at least £1,000 to support the charities that are supporting NHS Workers, families and those affected by COVID19.”
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