HP Papers launch new UK initiative to inspire paper creations

HP Papers have launched a new campaign in the UK, branded ‘The Great Paper Escape’, which gives people the opportunity to win a holiday or experience vouchers

Starting from April 1st and running until June 30th end users can take a picture of their paper creation and submit it to the HP Papers Europe website. The paper creation can be anything – from a stick man drawing to a complete work of art. Entries can be viewed and voted for on the Gallery page of the website which is now live and showcases the latest paper creations.  Winners will be drawn at random and contacted on July 1st.

Aimed at sparking the imagination and encouraging people to take a break from screen time, the campaign looks to attract adults and children alike who enjoy the benefits and escapism of putting pencil to paper. According to a recent study of the nation’s media habits by Ofcom, screen time during the pandemic and lockdown has increased dramatically in the UK: people were spending around 40% of their day watching TV and online video services, a rise of almost a third on the previous year.

The campaign will also be promoted across a variety of social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and channel partners are encouraged to promote the initiative by downloading imagery and digital assets via the HP Papers portal. More details can be made available through their account manager.

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