Integra announces unprecedented measures to support

Integra Business Solutions has announced that membership fees will be reduced by 50% from March to May in a bid to alleviate additional financial pressure on members

Further support will be reviewed and future measures taken to help dealers stimulate confidence and growth, including free marketing collateral and ongoing pricing support.
Integra has also contacted members to reassure them that the team will continue to provide a consistent and high level of customer service with no disruptions expected, despite its contingency plan now being in place for all staff to work remotely as from today.
The importance and strength of the Initiative own brand has also been reiterated. With a healthy stock position and an extended price freeze now in place until the end of June, members can continue to supply a core range of cost-effective products to customers and support remote working.
Aidan McDonough, Integra’s CEO, commented: “At this time our main focus is looking at every aspect of the business and how we can support members in a meaningful way. The challenges they face are extraordinary and the Integra team is 100% committed to helping in any way they can.
“We have also offered our facilities and services to the wider dealer and office supplies community and are happy to have a dialogue with any business that feels we could provide a lifeline in some way.
The initiative brand continues to be a top priority with our purchasing team working alongside our suppliers and distributors to ensure consistent stock levels and early intervention when inevitable issues arise.”
Members are being encouraged to utilise the Integra website or to contact the Integra team for ongoing support.
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