Integra supports dealers with i-merge initiative

Integra Business Solutions is seeing an uplift in enquiries relating to its award winning platform, i-merge

This initiative, launched in 2019, is designed to support the independent dealer channel by bringing businesses together and is particularly relevant during this difficult time.
i-merge is a confidential service aimed at dealer principals looking to either buy or sell a dealership and looks to find, match and support independent dealers wanting to take the next step in the business lifecycle.
Aidan McDonough, Integra’s CEO, commented: “During this incredibly challenging time, we are working to support members in any way we can to sustain and navigate their businesses through this.
Inevitably however, we have had an increase in the number of dealers looking to exit their businesses. We do have members still actively looking to acquire and are facilitating this where appropriate.
With access to free consultancy and a network of professionals to guide them through the many pitfalls, we are encouraging members to come and talk to us. This goes for any dealer in the industry who may benefit from using this service.”
Integra’s chairman, Carl Dovey, added: “i-merge has already proven invaluable for many members who have used the service. It provides vital support and clarity to dealers wanting to sell or acquire a business. We are happy to offer a free consultation to any dealer within the industry who may benefit from our support at this very challenging time.”
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