IOP now available through FusionPLUS Data

Internet of Printing (IOP) has announced that its product file is now available from FusionPLUS Data.
Featuring five core ranges of OEM alternative printer cartridges, the IOP file is now available to all resellers and provides full integration to FusionPLUS software house partners – namely Prima, ECi, Heart, Oasis, CommerceExchange, Evolution, Calidore, OP-Connect and Intact, or directly from IOP.
Paul Smith, country manager at IOP, commented on the new arrangement. “We are delighted to be working with FusionPLUS Data, supporting over 1,000 office products resellers throughout the UK and Ireland with better quality data.”
He added. “Online trading in our market continues to grow exponentially, so it is critical that our customers can access quality data. By working with FusionPLUS, we are able to guarantee that the IOP portfolio is readily available to resellers. This helps our customers to maximise the sales opportunities from their webstores and back office systems, and allows them to present the key USPs to their end user customers, efficiently and cost effectively.”
For those looking for a brand with unrivalled credentials to convert loyal HP buyers, IOP offers the IBM brand of replacement cartridges. In a tough market, sensitive to price compression, this range generates refreshingly high cash margins.
Steve Bilton, MD at FusionPLUS Data, said: “IOP has taken a very smart approach by segmenting their ranges, covering a wide range of products that support both floor standing and desktop devices in their now fully attributed catalogue file. Great to have you on board, folks, and all the best going forward – onward and upward!”
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