Navigator provides digital tools to support business in challenging times

The current pandemic has hugely disrupted office and home life, changing the way we work, organise ourselves, and care-give. We’re all finding that we need to print more at home and find ways to remain connected and productive in these challenging times. Navigator has designed tools to enable resellers and paper users to overcome some of the challenges

iPhone 11
With 201 state of the art mobiles for the winning until the end of June, consumer engagement is high. All you need to do is to enter the production code on the back of the ream on the Navigator website and an iPhone could be yours! If you don’t have a ream to hand, download the paper on the run app, which gives you free codes. Both these initiatives will make reseller websites and their social media channels more engaging. 
Navigator home pack 
A 250-sheet version of the Navigator Universal 80gsm ream, this product is aimed at the home office. At home, users print less frequently, but often in colour and inkjet. It’s a multifunctional paper designed for use on any printer, for taking notes, brainstorming or even just doodling. It is designed to take advantage of the latest inkjet technologies to enhance print quality. 
Home sweet office 
This is an Instagram contest, bringing stationery users and sellers together, that challenges new homeworkers to share how they’re adapting to their new work environment, based on a different weekly challenge. It will run until the end of May. Participants can win prizes, such as Netflix or Spotify subscriptions, or a home-working book. 
Outside the box challenge
This is a 31-day programme for kids and adults that aims to boost creativity and mindfulness. Access this through to download and print adventures, drawing exercises or puzzles to make you think laterally. 
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