Non-compliance with WEEE remains at an unacceptable level, says ECS

Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) has explained that non-compliance with the WEEE Directive remains at an unacceptable level.
The remanufacturer explained that the environment continues to be harmed by ‘free riders’ who are currently escaping WEEE compliance and in turn costing the rest of the industry millions. ECS explained that the law states anybody who produces electrical equipment that falls into a WEEE category, or places it onto a marketplace must finance the collection and recycling of said products, however, many companies are avoiding WEEE payments altogether, which creates disadvantages for those companies who are compliant.
CEO, Felicity Rabbitte, explained further by saying: “When companies avoid compliance they avoid paying anything at all, which means these companies already have an advantage over those who are incurring recycling costs. The cost of recycling is therefore higher than it should be due to the fact that there are fewer companies funding UK recycling.”
ECS explained the environment is also suffering on a monumental scale as a result of the number of non-compliant companies, reflected by the second consecutive year of WEEE collection targets being missed. Consequently, a huge amount of plastic ends up in our oceans and landfills after being used only a single time, when in fact, the majority of plastic can be re-used in one way or another – toner cartridges in particular.
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