Online working: how to maintain business continuity

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Over recent weeks, the vast majority of businesses have been forced to move their operation online as staff begin a lengthy period of home working. Here, Brian Bowerfind, head of ECI’s European Division, outlines some of the ways cloud-based ERP systems can help facilitate this transition, manage stock levels, maintain sales and of course, maximise profitability

The logistical challenges imposed by remote working are far-reaching – from ensuring staff have access to the required data or files, eliminating accidental duplication, maintaining business continuity for both customers and staff can be tricky.
An online ERP can help eradicate many of these challenges. Via the cloud, you and your team can easily access live data and information, ensuring staff remain connected and fully in the loop – despite working across a number of locations potentially miles apart.
A lapsed IT system or software program can cause significant disruption – especially for remote workers. Luckily, with online ERP systems there is no hardware or software to update. Your entire business operation can work off one, automatically updated system, ensuring you always have insight into the most accurate and relevant data.
A fully integrated ERP system will help maintain the same level of efficiency you would expect in the office, so despite staff being spread across multiple locations you should not see a drop in productivity.
Disconnected software is likely to be one of the biggest hurdles you face, forcing employees to needlessly duplicate documents, increasing the chance of mistakes, wasting time and leaving you at risk of making poor business decisions.
Cloud-based technology, provides a 360° view of the business, allowing you to quickly generate reports and track the profitability of each customer, product contract or even employee – ensuring you make proactive and sensible decisions even with a team of remote workers.

Brian Bowerfind, head of ECI’s European Division
Improve cash flow
Managing your accounts and maintaining cash flow remains vital – even when working remotely. From automatically posting accounts receivable invoices and credit notes, to automatically matching accounts paid invoices to received POs – a fully integrated ERP system requires little manual input, giving you one less thing to think about.
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