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October was a big month for business with the autumn budget being announced and the COP26 climate change conference imminent; the ramifications of both will have a direct and large impact on UK businesses. One business which is already focused on the aims of the latter is Dalton Ellis who have invested in environmentally-friendly products and print solutions. Their MD Nick Munton explains how they developed carbon neutral printing and how there is a distinct generational customer demand for sustainable products.

October was also a big month for us personally, here at Dealer Support, as we finally held our much-awaited Dealer Support Live event at the Coventry Building Society Arena on October 21. The day was a great success, and it was wonderful to see so many members of the office product industry in person again after such a long time! You can read our review of the day in this issue; a roundup of the Question Time session which closed the day is coming in our December issue – something to look forward to!

Talking of December…as we’re now in November, I think that gives us permission to discuss Christmas! The festive season can provide a boost to sales for dealers if they offer the right products and know how to market them well. We dive into how you can use sales incentives to give you that end of year sales growth.

As well as growing sales through seasonal opportunities, we also take a look at how dealers can maximise their sales potential online. During the pandemic online sales grew by a massive 48%, and 50% of orders were placed via a mobile device. This huge growth in online retail presents a fruitful sales opportunity for those dealers who know how to capitalise on the online market. Growing your online presence is one way to increase your profits, and another way is by cutting your costs; however, the old adage of ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ needs to be borne in mind – we explore why trying to save money by buying non-OEM consumables for printers and copiers may be a false economy.

A new survey carried out by Fellowes Brands has found that 89% of UK employees say satisfaction is important to them in the workplace, with 88% of them adding that it improves their productivity by more than 25%. We break this down and analyse the four core elements which can increase employee satisfaction. Hybrid working certainly improves job satisfaction for many people and we explore how this change in working culture has led to more collaborative working. Father P, however, hasn’t a clue whether people are gaining more satisfaction from working from home or being in the office.

Amy Hutchinson closes this issue with her FINAL WORD on why you need to invest in your future workforce.

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Ellie Potter 

Acting editor

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