Pre-Orgatec interview with Fellowes

In advance of Orgatec taking place in Cologne this month from 23 to 27 October, Fellowes team members share views on the brand’s progression into the furniture and workspace well-being arena.

  • As an office products brand, why has Fellowes moved into the workspace/ furniture category?

James Webb, European marketing and international key account director, Fellowes Brands: Fellowes Brands is a global leader of workspace ergonomic solutions with a history of creating innovative workspace solutions for over 100 years. We understand how better health and well-being is a way of life and we believe this should continue when we are at work. As a leader in ergonomic workspace solutions, designing healthy working furniture such as our sit-stand solutions was a natural step of evolution for Fellowes.

  • How do Fellowes products meet market requirements?

Louise Shipley, European business team manager, workspace management/furniture: We listened carefully to the needs of people who want to work in a healthy way at their desks, and developed our designs around them. We did this because we wanted to ensure our healthy working solutions are distinctive for all the right reasons and perform perfectly.

Our research has shown us that there is a high occurrence of workspace-related discomfort, which can be prevented by using the correct equipment and posture. However, it is common for people to adopt more ergonomic ways of working only after a problem comes to light. Our approach is to deliver complete solutions that work proactively to reduce discomfort, strains and injuries, thereby helping people be the best they can be.

Our height adjustable workstations and ergonomic accessories help people incorporate movement into their day, which can increase productivity at work. Our sit-stand solutions are easy to use and set up, simpler and more intuitive to adjust and purpose-built for worry-free performance.

Our market knowledge and research also shows that there is a demand for reusable furniture. The Fellowes Levado height adjustable desk solution has a base-only option so you can swap an existing desk surface to convert it to a sit-stand solution. This means that people can reuse their existing worktop in most cases and retain current office aesthetics.

Sarah Brown, European product manager: The Fellowes Levado height adjustable desk works at the touch of a button. Time and installation costs are saved as it’s simply just a case of folding out the legs on the Levado and locking them into place with the SwiftLok assembly system. This alone, makes the Levado an excellent investment for the workplace; but it also comes with several other benefits.

  • What are the major trends you’re seeing?

Louise Shipley: We’re seeing innovative product designs that contribute to productivity, collaborative workspaces and agile working. Products such as sit-stand workstations and height adjustable desks are performing well as they address the growing need for healthier work environments. The popularity of monitor arms is also on the increase as more people realise how dual screens can increase productivity by up to 42%. Over the last few years, the cost of monitors and other hardware has reduced. This is facilitating new ways of working as companies look to drive efficiency.

Consumers and businesses are always looking for office furniture that optimises existing space and allows people to practise intuitive hot desking. When it comes to their work desk, consumers are looking for sharp structures with clean, crisp lines. They don’t want to see unsightly wires and clutter. We’re mindful of these requirements and our sit-stand workstations have built-in wireless charging and USB connectivity to give a streamlined look.

  • Which markets and channels show the most development?

James Webb: The Scandinavian markets are well-developed with workspace furniture featuring ergonomic designs. We are also seeing growth across Europe as there is strong performance of sit-stand workstations and desks in Germany and the UK. We believe that growth will be driven by sectors employing knowledge-based and high-value workers, including verticals such as Finance and IT. In response to market requirements, we have created a significant number of tools that allow people to understand the benefits of implementing workplace health and wellbeing solutions, one of them being an ROI calculator that can be accessed on the Fellowes website.

  • Why has Fellowes chosen to attend Orgatec this year?

Andrea Cantong, marketing manager (DACH/Benelux): Having reviewed various events in Europe, we found Orgatec to be especially suited to our criteria and budget. It attracts key decision makers from the office furnishing, space planning and facility market while seeing a visitor rate that is 10% higher than other events of this type. As this is our inaugural attendance, we are expecting the event to be a perfect hotspot for Fellowes Brands, our product launches and lots of networking with show delegates!

The show will see us launch the Fellowes Levado – a brand new height-adjustable desk solution as well as the Lotus RT™ – a sit-stand workstation. Both these products offer exciting benefits and this will be the first opportunity for existing and prospective customers as well as event delegates to see how the products could help them be more productive.

Esme Gonzalez, European category development specialist: As Orgatec is one of the leading international trade fairs for the modern working world, it presents the perfect platform to launch our new sit-stand and ergonomic solutions into Europe. We will also be having a daily prize draw to add to the excitement of the day as well as opportunities for stand attendees to talk to many of our European team members. We look forward to meeting everyone there!

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