Sector specific targeted marketing from Nemo & Office Club

Dealer Groups Nemo & Office Club have started the year by helping members to seek out opportunities in the marketplace with a series of direct marketing tools that help dealers to demonstrate their expertise as a supplier to specific business sectors

Alan Calder, marketing manager, Nemo Office Club said: “The project started with a successful direct marketing postcard as part of our Keep It Local campaign, from there it has snowballed into a full range of currently 15 different target categories as we began to focus on businesses that have remained open during the pandemic – surgeries, construction, estate agents and even funeral directors; all areas that our members are perfectly positioned to locally supply their business needs.

“The concept has helped members to focus on where business opportunities lie and we are constantly expanding the offering in line with feedback from dealers, adding services to the portfolio of postcards such as recycling and shredding, as well as our unique Our Earth copier paper that from this year has seen the donation to Durrells Wildlife Conservation Trust increase to 15p per box sold – An excellent message to all businesses concerned about their environmental responsibility.”

The direct marketing tools are available to all members free of charge, with the marketing team at Nemo and Office Club adding branding and personalisation.

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