SIGEL set to reveal new identity and strategy

Changes are afoot at SIGEL GmbH, as the company presents its new strategic corporate identity. This includes a new brand identity and a range of new products that will be introduced at Paperworld.
“We have just been through a very intense period, during which we have completely restructured our company’s direction. The SIGEL Next strategy is geared towards sustainable success and growth,” said Dr Joachim Roth, managing director of SIGEL Holding.
“In the future, work will be more flexible, more team-based and more experimental. And new, agile working methods will be an integral part of this. What’s more, companies are adapting their working environments to these changing forms of collaboration.
“We are well-prepared for these big developments here at SIGEL, and have consistently realigned our company to the new requirements of tomorrow’s world of work.”
In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, people play a more important role than ever. Based on an understanding of its customers’ needs, SIGEL has made it its goal to develop innovative solutions that will make work simpler, more pleasant and more successful in the working world of tomorrow.
In order to meet this demand and further strengthen its innovative power, SIGEL has set up its own innovation hub in Munich. “This is how we manage to combine our strengths as an established, successful family business with the knowledge, methods and thought processes of the new startup culture,” explained Roth.
Due to its new strategic direction, SIGEL is an integral part of and, at the same time, an ambassador for, a new work culture. These innovative solutions help people and companies to achieve top levels of performance, and to make each individual’s work more valuable.
Roth emphasised the company’s strong impetus for change. “Ever since it was founded in 1947, SIGEL has always reacted to the right trends at the right time and has never been afraid to take a new direction. With this new positioning as a solution provider in the contemporary world of work, we are continuing our successful journey and at the same time setting in motion our company’s next important stage of development.
“With more than 70 years of experience and with the future clearly in our sights, we are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the digitalisation of work to position ourselves even more strongly as an expert, innovative brand company of the future.”
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