Spicers reviews its distribution network

Spicers has commenced a consultation process with a number of staff, with proposals to either reduce or cease activity at certain locations. This comes with the proposal that Spicers will be focused on two key regional distribution centres in Greenwich and Manchester.

This will result in each of these key units carrying a greater depth of stock (currently planned at a 40% increase in Greenwich and over 100% increase in Manchester over today’s levels), thereby increasing availability levels.

In addition, these two key sites will be enhanced by a number of local distribution centres. Recent investments in additional racking for 1,000 pallets and a 30,000 sq foot mezzanine floor have already been completed in Greenwich, and will be replicated in Manchester.

It is the board’s belief that, should these proposals proceed, Spicers will become a more simplified, efficient and customer focused wholesaler enabling us to deliver on ‘right first time, every time’.

From the dealer’s perspective, little will change: 80% of dealers’ requirements are currently serviced from Greenwich and Manchester and that is set to stay the same. Those serviced from Bristol have experienced poor availability, which will be enhanced by this change, with routes in the south west region still being delivered in the same way by the same delivery team.

Scottish and North East Regions will now be picked in the Manchester RDC and, for Scotland, serviced from a new cross docking depot near Glasgow. The north east will continue to be serviced from the existing cross dock based in Newcastle. Each RDC will become self-sufficient.

These proposed changes will have minimum impact on our delivery services, but are intended to better support the Spicers customer through a fit for purpose, cost effective national operational and logistics platform.

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