Superstat confirm Exertis coded catalogue

Superstat has launched an exciting new catalogue concept aimed at dealers wanting a unique proposition to go to market with

The new catalogue will be the only Exertis coded publication in the market, which is being gladly received by the increasing cohort of dealers who have moved away from the traditional wholesale model.  Alongside the Exertis wholesale offering, the catalogue will showcase an increased range of non-wholesale lines in growth areas including technology, health and safety, PPE and furniture.

Sales director Richard Lockley commented: “Many dealers are getting concerned that delays in production mean they won’t see a catalogue until the Spring, and some have worries about being overly reliant on one wholesaler, you only have to read LinkedIn to see that these fears are real, and with what the industry has been through, and will continue to go through in the coming months, it is clear that dealers are looking to move forward and limit the risk. Dealers also tell us they want to grow their business and they want to stand out in the marketplace, which our catalogue helps them to do.’

The catalogue will retain the name Concise and many of its unique features that are popular with customers. Karly Haley, Superstat’s marketing director explains more: “The A5 size of the catalogue makes it a clear differentiator in the market, no one forgets it, but it’s a great environmental message too, and though it may seem that CSR messages have taken a back seat, we are seeing increased demand from customers in this area. We will also continue to refine customers choices to good/better/best- we are constantly told by customers that they don’t have time to consider endless choices of the same product and that they want the process to be simplified. It’s a key message and it goes down well. Dealers who can offer the right range of products at a good price will succeed. We are also expanding product ranges that cater for the needs of the future; home working, remote working and technology which is a key driver in our messaging.”

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