VOW puts PPE at the core of its offering

PPE is a category that many resellers have been working in for some time, however the emergence of Covid-19  resulted in extreme surges in demand for hygiene products such as sanitizers and soaps, toilet tissues, gloves, face masks, face visors and many more associated products.

VOW has been offering PPE to its resellers for many years but like everyone else, was caught out by the very dramatic demand spike.

MD, Adrian Butler explains, “At VOW we have an absolute commitment to ensuring that the product portfolio that we provide to our dealers stays relevant and appropriate to their wider business needs. When it comes to PPE and Infection Control, these are no longer peripheral ranges, they are absolutely at the core of what all businesses need. We are determined to be the industry’s leading wholesaler in these areas, and that means we have to hit the price points, feature an appropriate range, provide necessary services and ensure we have ongoing availability.”

“No one anticipated the recent dramatic events and the mad scramble for products. There was huge volatility in prices and availability, with product coming into the supply chain from all over the place, some of it not fit for purpose and I think a lot of people got their fingers burned. Things are now starting to settle. We have stock at sustainable levels and we would like dealers to know that we are now able to support them.”

VOW is aware that there is a substantial amount of product in the market as a result of dealers buying in bulk at the height of the crisis. Butler says, “We would like to support the industry and help any dealers who are sitting on excess stock of PPE and Infection Control products. If they could contact us through their VOW Wholesale account contacts, we will see what we can do to help.”

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